Taping Therapy

Taping Treatment | Kinesio Tape Therapy in Surrey BC

Taping Therapy (also referred to as K-taping or athletic taping)  is one of the most common methods to cope with pain and stressed areas. If you are suffering from issues such as neck pain or any other muscle/joint pain, you can benefit from taping therapy.


Taping therapy involves conducting a thorough assessment of your body, so as to know what is causing issues and what can be improved. Once the assessment is done, our expert physiotherapists will give you a proper roadmap for treatment. You will receive expert advice and also know the relevant exercises to take up that will quickly help fix your posture.


At All-Pro Physio, our Kinesio tape therapy experts will help you limit the movements of affected parts and joints. If it appears that you have an incorrect posture or a posture that requires minor fixes, you will be advised accordingly.


Taping therapy also helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also reduces pain and swelling. The aim is to improve muscle activation and restore overall muscle health.

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Benefits of Taping Therapy

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