Soft Tissue Release in Surrey, BC

Soft tissue treatment is a technique used by therapists that involve the assessment and treatment of any soft tissue injury to restore normal muscle flexibility. These tissues may be the cause of extreme pain and abnormal function. Some of the examples of soft tissues are ligaments, tendons, and muscles. At All-Pro Physio, we have a team of expert physiotherapists who can assess your condition and use the relevant soft tissue treatments according to your symptoms.

Soft Tissue Therapy is often performed after the warm-up of a muscle using lighter techniques, effleurage for example. Our team of physiotherapists takes special care of this fact and we also follow this with a comparatively gentle, relaxing, and soothing technique.

At times, patients find Soft Tissue Therapy to be somewhat uncomfortable, especially if the injury is recent. That’s why it’s extremely important to get in touch with an expert physiotherapist who knows how to go about it and can take the call to choose to work around an injury rather than directly working on it. The good news is that Soft Tissue Therapy can have really quick positive effects on flexibility and pain, thus providing relief to the patient.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Release

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