Shoulder Physiotherapy

Are you suffering from severe shoulder pain which irritates you all the time? Do you feel so exhausted with this pain?


Visit the team of All-Pro Physio and recover from it. We provide Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy in Surrey, BC at competitive pricing. In the daily life of an individual, the problem of shoulder pain is getting worse day by day and it results in other forms of pain in the body also.


There are various kinds of conditions that arise in this problem like Arthritis, Shoulder Fracture or Trauma, Impingement, Tendinopathy, Instability, etc.

Causes Of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is an uncomfortable sensation that can be experienced in the shoulder region. It may also refer to a condition where there is inflammation or irritation of a joint in the shoulder.


It can be caused by different factors such as injury, overuse, or repetitive movements.


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The most common causes of shoulder pain are: – 

At All-Pro Physio, we offer various treatment options to our patients like drugs, surgery, and Physical Therapy. Our certified physiotherapists make a customized treatment plan for patients suffering from should pain problems. 


We use advanced physiotherapy techniques and equipment to fully treat the patient’s problem. We don’t use painful strategies. We make a family-like environment with patients.


Every patient’s condition is different you may require one or two visits or extended health care for several weeks or months it all depends upon how your condition is severe.

Shoulder Pain Treatment with Physio

The way the joint is held in place is what allows for so many improvements following a shoulder injury. Unlike the hip, which is a stable ball and socket joint, the shoulder is a highly loose, shallow joint that is held in place by muscles and other soft tissues. 

When there is joint discomfort or disturbance, those crucial muscles weaken due to lack of usage and pain, and the entire joint is no longer effectively supported.

Therapies for shoulder pain help to heal injury and that can make the shoulder more comfortable. Therapies focus on stiffness that induces the shoulder to operate properly. 

Benefits of Shoulder Physiotherapy

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