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The Compression Sock Training sports stocking has special functional zones with light compression to provide protection in stop-and-go sports. These are sports involving rapid turning and jumping movements, like football, basketball or tennis. The stocking’s taping zone helps to create a greater feeling of stability in the ankle, while its muscle-toning zone specifically stimulates the calf muscles during movement.

  • Functional zones with gentle compression
  • Increased ankle stability
  • Protection zone for the Achilles tendon

Note: Consult our therapist for appropriate sizing and measurement.

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  • Set pressure profile – consistent therapeutic gradient (Ccl 1 = 20-30 mmHg) for improved circulation
  • Lycra® sports material – gentle on the skin and breathable
  • Taping zone – more stability for the ankle thanks to a patented design
  • Precision fit – anatomically correct for left and right leg
  • Muscle tuning zone – for reduced muscle vibrations and thus less fatigue
  • Protective zone – for less pressure and rubbing on the Achilles tendon
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning – for greater comfort and protection


Compression Sock Training supports your calf muscle and lower leg, and stimulates the parts of the muscles that are under particular stress. In addition to providing special benefits, the socks help to prevent premature fatigue and muscle cramping. The result: a lower risk of injury and more energy throughout your activities.

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