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ICBC Physiotherapy: All You Need to Know About

Have you had a Motor Vehicle Accident recently? Then you need good care and help to relieve pain and discomfort. A motor vehicle accident can cause big injuries that can put your life at risk for an extended period of time.

The sooner you seek the help of a medical professional, the better it is for you. Make sure you contact the All-Pro Physio team of experienced physiotherapists for rehabilitation and get the top ICBC Claim Physiotherapy in Surrey, BC.

According to the ICBC official sources, within the period of 12 weeks from the date, you met with an accident, 25 visits will automatically be acknowledged for direct billing.

The  ICBC Claim Physiotherapy is a type of injury claim that people can make when they have been injured in an accident. People who are eligible for this type of claim are those who were injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident or because they were hit by an animal while driving on a public road.

The Physiotherapy Claim covers the cost of physiotherapy services, such as massage therapy and chiropractic care, to help you recover from your injury and get you back on your feet.

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ICBC Physiotherapy: Short Overview

ICBC Corporation is a provincial crown corporation and was created by the NDP government of Premier Dave Barrett in 1973. The major goal of the ICBC was to provide global and affordable public auto insurance at affordable rates in British Columbia.


The total number of employees is around 5200. According to Wikipedia, in the month of March 2010, it was reported by Christy Clark’s BC Liberal to the government that it needs ICBC to pay the province dividends calculating exactly $778 million for over three years.


This thing also should be noted that any vehicle registered, parked, or driven on public streets in BC must be covered by ICBC’s basic insurance package.

What is An ICBC Physiotherapy?

A lot of people might not have any idea about ICBC Physiotherapy but in this section of the article, we’ll get to know about the major details of ICBC Physiotherapy here.


“The abbreviation ICBC is termed as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is basically a regional crown corporation that provides Auto Insurance, Vehicle Registration, Road Safety, and driver license. ICBC is dedicated to providing protection and peace of mind to British Columbia drivers, high-quality services, and best coverage at minimum rates” An ICBC physiotherapy can also be termed as the agreement done between the insurance company and the patient’s access to health services.


When you got injured, you can make a motor vehicle injury claim with ICBC. This process can be done online mode via phone calls, or at an ICBC Centre.

ICBC Physiotherapy?

ICBC Physiotherapy Benefits:

If we talk about the benefits of ICBC Physiotherapy then there’re a lot of benefits to discuss. As ICBC Physiotherapy is a very effective way to get back your body into the perfect shape.


Severe musculoskeletal injuries require assistance from a professional and experienced physiotherapist. ICBC Physiotherapy can help patients experiencing injuries such as strain or sprain.


A patient regains the ability to do everyday activities and return to work faster. But you need to report your accident to the concerned insurance company within 12 weeks of the accident.

Get your ICBC billing directly for authorized treatments.


The ICBC corporation team up with you and your doctor to ensure that you get all the treatment you need.

ICBC Physiotherapy Program, Process, and Eligibility

ICBC Program is basically a full-body rehab process that is specifically designed to treat common musculoskeletal issues encountered in life. The ICBC treatment process takes into account the individual requirements of every patient that involves a variety of procedures to optimize the recovery process.


Here, we’ll discuss the process step by step here:



If you’ve been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in the past twelve weeks then you’ll automatically be approved for ICBC treatment. Other than medical bills, you’ll also get a medical prescription for pain management medication and physiotherapy.


The initial step you need to take is to report the motor vehicle accident as soon as possible for getting your ICBC claim number.


In this section, we’ll discuss the eligibility for ICBC Physiotherapy Program. Well, if you’re involved in an auto accident in British Columbia and the car is registered and licensed in BC then you’ll likely have insurance coverage for ICBC Physiotherapy.


Still have any queries regarding ICBC eligibility and other processes then feel free to make an appointment with All-Pro Physio’s team, highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists. Talk To Us!