Interferential Therapy | Electrotherapy Clinic in Surrey BC

Visit one of the top clinics of Electrotherapy in Surrey, Vancouver, BC, and get done your Interferential Therapy in Surrey BC with All-Pro Physio experts.


Electrotherapy is a treatment that makes use of electric current to treat the issues and the affected areas. Experienced physiotherapists use electrotherapy to treat a variety of problems ranging from muscle pain to arthritis.


Electrotherapy involves the usage of targeted and controlled electrical stimulation to provide relief to the patient. It often requires having advanced equipment such as machines for ultrasound, interferential current (IFC), TENS, etc. Our clinic in Surrey BC is a state-of-the-art facility that has all the modern gadgets and technology to help our patients enjoy the benefits of electrotherapy.


Once the assessment is done, our expert physiotherapists will give you a proper roadmap for treatment. You will receive expert advice about your condition and the proposed treatment. We will also let you know about the relevant exercises to take up that will help you further.

A Patient Lying On A Table And Getting Electrotherapy From His Therapist

Benefits of Electrotherapy

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