Dry Needling Therapy

Dry needling is a physical therapy to treat neuropathic pain and myofascial pain. At All-Pro-Physio, we provide (FDN) functional dry needling therapy in Surrey BC, also known as (IMS) intramuscular stimulation. This technique consists of thin needles, which are used in acupuncture therapy. These needles target shortened muscles that produce pain and restrict the normal range of movement.


Dry needle treatment is very effective for back pain. In the area near the spinal cord where the nerve roots may become super sensitive and irritated, the (IMS/FDN) plays a vital role to relax and flexible movement. Several sports injuries may lead to muscle stiffness, and tension, and eliminate neuromuscular dysfunction and chronic pain. Functional Dry Needling (IMS / FDN) aims to boost flexibility and improve the range of motion.

Functional Dry Needling (IMS / FDN) brings an electrical potential to the muscle that makes the nerve function normally. Sometimes the pain and stress are due to a lack of blood flow in the body parts, this method helps to draw blood flow in the area of dysfunction.

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IMS Treatment for Improved Well-Being

Are you seeking relief from myofascial discomfort or neuropathic pain? All Pro Physio offers specialized Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) treatment in Surrey. 


Also referred to as functional dry needling therapy, it is an advanced solution to address various musculoskeletal conditions and enhance your overall well-being.


We specialize in providing top-notch IMS treatment, utilizing ultra-thin needles akin to those in acupuncture therapy. Our approach centers on targeting contracted muscle bands, also known as trigger points, which are notorious for causing severe discomfort and pain. By strategically inserting acupuncture needles into these trigger points, we stimulate a healing response that relaxes and elongates the affected muscle tissue, restoring its natural function.

What to Expect During the IMS Treatment/Functional Dry Needling Therapy

Getting IMS treatment in Surrey for the first time? Here is what to expect when you come to All Pro Physio


  • For the IMS dry needling therapy, the needle is carefully inserted into a muscle that has been chronically tense. You might experience a sensation of cramping or dull aches initially. However, this discomfort usually fades within a matter of seconds. Subsequently, the muscle enters an extended and relaxed state, often leading to reduced pain and increased strength. It is noteworthy that the muscle may continue to elongate even after the procedure is completed.
  • The outcomes of the procedure can manifest in various ways. You may experience immediate relief, or you could feel some soreness around the treatment area for a few days. This initial discomfort is usually followed by diminished pain, improved mobility, and enhanced overall function.
  • To experience substantial improvement in your condition, we recommend an average of four to ten visits. Initially, these visits are spaced one to two weeks apart. However, if you do not observe the desired benefits within one to three sessions, it is a common practice to discontinue the treatment.
  • The procedure itself usually takes around twenty to thirty minutes to complete. Following the procedure, you may be asked to remain at the clinic for an additional few minutes as part of the post-treatment process.

How Does Dry Needling/IMS work?

Dry Needling/IMS treats the contracted bands of muscle known as trigger points, which cause severe and painful symptoms.

Healing stimulation is required to treat injury to the soft tissue of the muscle or group of muscles. Our physiotherapists insert acupuncture needles into your trigger points in the muscles to relax and stretch the tissue.

The nerves and muscles must function together to allow the body to move freely. When nerves become irritated or injured, the muscles they control become feeble and sensitive. This is a symptom of the illness known as neuropathic pain.

Dry Needling/IMS therapy treats chronic pain and dysfunction in musculoskeletal conditions such as: 

Benefits of Dry Needling/IMS Treatment

If you are looking for dry needling or IMS Treatment in Surrey BC, then please get in touch with All-Pro Physio right away. You could also use another option of online booking to make an appointment with us within a couple of clicks.

Get IMS Therapy near You

Looking for IMS treatment in Surrey? All Pro Physio is one of the best Surrey dry needling therapy clinics. Our skilled and experienced physiotherapists are committed to providing personalized care and offering IMS therapy near you to address your related health concerns.


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Frequently Asked Questions

While acupuncture and IMS treatment both involve the use of needles, they are quite different from each other in terms of the techniques and objectives. The purpose of acupuncture is mainly to balance the energy flow in the body, while IMS treatment targets the muscle trigger points to alleviate pain and improve functions.

The number of dry needling therapy sessions varies depending on the patient’s condition and how they respond to our treatment. Our skilled physiotherapists will work with you to create a customized plan so you can experience optimal outcomes. 

It is quite common to experience a little discomfort during IMS treatment, but the discomfort is minimal. Our patients usually describe it as a mild and temporary sensation that subsides quickly.

Yes, we offer IMS treatment by trained professionals, ensuring it is safe for our patients. Our experienced physiotherapists will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

Absolutely! Our IMS treatment effectively addresses muscle stiffness, tension, and any neuromuscular dysfunctions resulting from sports injuries. 

The standard gap between two IMS treatment sessions is one to two weeks. It is not recommended to get IMS therapy more than once a week. 

The likelihood of grave complications like having excessive bleeding or a substantial nerve injury is quite unlikely, and to date, none of these instances have ever been observed at our clinic.

One of the most common issues patients can experience is post-procedure soreness. However, please note that it is a usual occurrence and diminished within a short span of a few days. In some rare instances, the patient may experience a sensation of lightheadedness after the therapy session, which can be managed with rest and the application of cool compresses for around fifteen minutes.