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Common Sports Injuries that Physiotherapy can Treat

Sports injury is commonly caused by the overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that is greater than the body part can structurally withstand while participating in sports.

Common sports injuries included bruises, sprains, strains, joint injuries, and nose bleeds.


Types of sports injury


There are many types of sports injuries. some of the most familiar types are:



Overstretching the ligaments results in a sprain 


Knee Injury

Any injury that interrupts how the knee joint moves could be a sports injury.



These form when the blood vessels under the skin break resulting in skin discoloration.


Swollen Muscles

Swelling is a natural reaction to any sports injury. It can be painful and can make your muscles weak.


Dental Damage

Athletes of all ages are prone to it, any injury to the jaw can crack, break or dislodge teeth.


Capture 1 - Common Sports Injuries that Physiotherapy can Treat
a - Common Sports Injuries that Physiotherapy can Treat


sports injuries can dislocate a bone inside your body. When it happens, a bone is forced out of its prior position or socket. This can be a painful situation and lead to swelling and weakness.



It is a traumatic brain injury that affects your brain functioning.


Cuts and Abrasions

These are usually caused when you drop down. The knees and hands are particularly prone to cuts and abrasions.

Stress Fracture

It occurs particularly in the lower limb. The impact of repeated jumping or running on rough surfaces can eventually lead to stress and crack bones.

How Physiotherapists Can Help You In Treating Sports Injuries? 

Physiotherapists help patients address the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction of body parts. Working with a skilled physiotherapist can make certain that you achieve a full recovery from any sports- or work-related injury. So here are a few examples of how your physiotherapist will treat you. 

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a result of repetitive movements, abrasion, or issues related to the intervertebral discs. The use of poor techniques while playing sports can lead to these and other issues and cause acute and severe lower back pain. Through the use of the right exercises, stretches, and mobilizations by the physiotherapist you can achieve normal function and relief from pain. Having a physiotherapy clinic near your residence allows you to prevent future injuries while improving your skills on the playing field.


Plantar Fasciitis 

Plantar fasciitis is a result of chronic stress on the feet that causes inflammation. Athletes with flat feet can also develop this condition over the span of time, without proper arch support or because of poor biomechanics or inadequate footwear. Individuals who are overweight or spend long hours on their feet standing commonly present plantar fasciitis as well. Now, Your physiotherapist can help you release the underlying fascia to provide relief from stress and pain and restore proper function of the foot and ankle.



Braces and taping are used by physiotherapists for the protection of the ligament and joint and this allows for progressive weight bearing by supporting these same structures. A physiotherapist will discover whether bracing or taping is more applicable based on the severity and irritability of the individual’s injury as the physio clinic has specific tools that are used to address sprains and helps to heal.



Your physiotherapist will advise you on the most appropriate way to get your strained muscle moving. Movement helps with a faster healing process, and many research studies have shown that early movement of a strained muscle can decrease the time it will take to recover. 

There is also research now that shows that lack of early movement had actually made the injury worse. So, your physiotherapist after proper consultation will design a plan specifically for you to get that muscle moving just enough to help with healing. In addition, your physiotherapist will also let you know when it is safe to gently start stretching your muscles so that your body can restore them quickly.


Shin Splints

A physiotherapist can recommend various steps to get relief from the pain like which kind of activities to be avoided to get relief from pain. They also rub ice on the tender part once or thrice a week for a couple of minutes. The physiotherapist will tell you gentle exercises to be performed and gently tap the muscles for their movement.


Benefits of Physiotherapy Treatment For Sports Injury

The physiotherapist will work with you to provide a complete rehabilitation program that includes a number of benefits

Rehabilitation of Athletes

  • Restoring full functionality of the body as soon as possible.
  • Physiotherapist addresses the root cause of the problem which means faster recovery and returns to the sports process.
  • Helps in strengthening weak muscle groups.
  • Maintains the cardiovascular fitness of an athlete in the longer term.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation from an injury.

Enhancement of an Active and Safe way of Living

The physiotherapy exercises provide an appropriate and safe lifestyle for the players. It makes players more energetic. This makes them champions in their fields and competent enough to perform a wide range of physical activities.

Development of Professionalism

Physiotherapy exercises provide the participant with better time management skills along with managing various resources and these things are acquired through proper social and ethical disciplines. The athletes always perform their exercises in a disciplined and prescribed manner which helps in their overall growth and athletes will display positive habits and actions.


A Successful Disease Free Life 

Physiotherapy is an excellent way of exercising fitness for your body. It helps an athlete to live a disease-free healthy lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, physiotherapy has a remarkable influence on the well-being of any person. Regular physiotherapy also increases the metabolism of athletes and thus leads to increase immunity. It also helps the body to synthesize specific antibodies against the antigens present in the body and induces proper immunogenicity.


Enhancing The Performance Of An Athlete

Disciplined physiotherapy plays a significant role in the enhancement of an athlete’s performance as these routine exercises will enhance the performance. Physiotherapy relaxes muscle tension and enhances adequate oxygen supply in the tissues. 

It also helps in the proper control and coordination along with adequate cell-to-cell communication. It also increases flexibility and speed while performing, which is a more magnificent milestone in their performances.

So in the end, it’s fair enough to say that physiotherapy has plenty of benefits for your overall goodwill. It not only eliminates pain and swelling but improves coordination and muscle strength. Sports injury physiotherapy also enhances the breathing rate and heals any wound properly from its root and aids in faster recovery from any serious injury or disability.

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